Stretch While You Sit: 2 Assisted Stretches for Your Lower Back & Hips

Are you someone who works in an office leaning into a computer screen all day? Or maybe your career has you traveling by car or plane regularly? You might even love to sit and binge-watch TV shows!

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, these stretches are for you!

When we sit, blood flow and circulation to our lower body is decreased. When we sit for extended periods of time day after day, it decreases even more.

This prolonged daily sitting also creates severe tightness in our hips, low back, quads, hamstrings, calves and feet.

But there IS help for you!

You may already know that standing every 20 minutes, if possible, is recommended by the medical community; taking a short walk is beneficial as well.

But taking a few minutes to stretch at your chair or plane seat is also beneficial to opening up tight muscle tissue and allowing blood flow to circulate!

So take a few minutes every hour or so to try out these stretches every day!

TPTP Torso Twist Chair Stretch.jpg

Seated Torso Twist

Sit up straight into the back of your seat, allowing your spine to lengthen.

Twist your upper body toward the back of your chair, letting your low back/lumbar spine release. This should feel so good!

Be sure to twist in each direction—left and right.

TPTP Chair Stretch Ankle Cross.jpg

Seated Hip Opening Stretch

While sitting, cross an ankle over one knee.

Lean your upper body down toward you lap, opening up those tight hip muscles!

Repeat this stretch with your opposite ankle crossed over your knee to fully benefit.

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