Office Workers, This is For You: 2 Great Assisted Stretches for Inner Arms, Chest, and Wrists

Have you ever really stretched?!

You have never “really” stretched if you have only gently limbered up before a workout or quickly stretched after.

Most people who come to my class for the first time truly experience an “ah-ha” moment.

When they begin to stretch, they feel really tight muscle tissue that they have never felt before or even knew they had in the first place… it’s shocking! I can see it in their eyes and body language.

“Where did this come from? I had no idea I was so tight?” they say.

We learn a lot about what’s going on inside our bodies when we take time to really stretch.

Assisted Stretching helps create blood flow and circulation to constricted, tight muscles and releases tension to our joints and reduces risk of injury. Over time, as we listen and connect more with our bodies through regular stretching, we stand taller, sleep better, eliminate toxins easier, and become energized from the process.

It takes time to get “tight”… it also takes time to get “un-tight”!

Elongating overly-contracted muscles is life changing. The benefits are truly transforming lives and some of my students even say they are “addicted.”

Ahhh… music to my ears!

Here are 2 “ah-ha” stretches for you at the wall! These stretches are really great for those of you who spend a lot of time typing on a computer all day.

TPTP Wrist Wall Stretch Photo 2.jpg

Standing Inner Arm/Shoulder/Chest Wall Stretch:

Stand at wall with one side to wall.

Place hand on wall at shoulder level and arms wide apart with fingertips facing backward and palm facing forward.

Press palm into wall and start turning your feet and body away from the wall until your body tells you “whoa.”

Hold 15 – 20 seconds and repeat with opposite arm.

TPTP Wrist Wall Stretch Photo.jpg

Standing Wall Forearm/Wrist Stretch:

Face wall and place hands on wall with fingertips down and palms up.

Press palms in to wall and hold 15 – 20 seconds.

Now place back of hands on wall with wrist up and fingers down.

Raise hands higher than shoulders and press back of wrist into wall.

Keep slight bend in your elbows as you stretch!

TPTP Stretch At Home Popup Graphic.png

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