There is Power in Pausing (+ An Announcement)

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For as long as I can remember, there has been a very strong voice in my head saying, “You must write a book!” The more I ignored it, the louder it got! “YOU MUST WRITE A BOOK!”

My response was always, “Who me? What are you talking about? I don’t know how to write a book!”

So not knowing how or what to write, one morning a little over a year ago, I decided to get up very early to listen more in hopes I would find clarity or that I could just make the voice stop!

I sat in my comfy chair with my coffee, notebook and pen in hand hoping that some kind of inspiration would appear. This is no joke, words to write started coming to me so fast that I could hardly keep up. I kept writing and writing, page after page. I couldn’t believe it! It was crazy, but it was the sign I needed: “I MUST WRITE A BOOK”!

The floodgates of words and ideas for my book kept coming. I have to keep a tiny notebook with me at all times, because I can be driving down the road and have to pull over and write something down or I can be in the grocery store and a thought will hit me and I’ll need to write it down. Once I opened the door to this book, I couldn’t close it.

Not knowing one thing about how to write a book or even the publishing aspect, I decided to send off a summary of my book to a few publishers to see if there was any interest at all and hopefully find my next step. Again, this is no joke, within 30 minutes, I had emails, a phone call and a contract! Whoa… that was fast and an even bigger sign that “I MUST WRITE A BOOK!”

It has been a year-long journey to get my book into manuscript form for publishing. With life so busy at home (I’m sure you can probably relate to this), I decided that I needed to take some time away to truly dedicate 100% of my time to get it complete.  

I am now Pausing here at my little Cottage at the beach to finalize my book The Power To Pause. There is true Power in Pausing… slowing down, taking time for yourself, listening to that voice inside of you. It is vital to our wellbeing and helps us recharge our bodies and our brains.

In fact Pausing is what my book is all about. I can’t wait for you to read it!


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