Everything Counts: 3 Simple Steps to Better Choices

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Our bodies are like a house: they need regular work and renovation to keep it well maintained! Our bodies require thought and planning; just like a house, the details matter. Choosing the things we put into our bodies is like choosing a new light fixture for your kitchen. You can instantly see the light fixture; you can see the choices you have made to create the body you live in.

Everything counts and our choice show. So are we taking the time to choose wisely? Are we choosing to drink enough water? To get enough exercise and sleep? To eat nutritious food?  

Our bad habits show, but it’s no problem, just renovate your “house.” Renovating your body is just as fun as renovating your home—you get to choose new and exciting things to go into it!

Get started renovating your body with these 3 simple steps:

1. Hydrate.

  • Before you reach for your cup of coffee, start your morning with a large glass of water. Your body has just gone a whole night without water—it’s desperate for hydration!

  • Buy a cute reusable water bottle and keep it with you all day. Make 64 oz. of water your daily goal.

2. Quit Sugar.

Take time to read labels and avoid food and drinks with added sugar. You will be shocked at how much sugar is in almost everything. This will change your life! It has changed mine... not only is my appetite no longer out of control, but in 6 months alone, I’ve lost 20 pounds thanks to cutting out sugar!

3. Add steps.

Adding steps into your day doesn’t have to be complicated! All you have to do is be intentional about it: park further away, take the stairs, walk around the block, or hit the treadmill with your favorite podcast to unwind after a long day. Grab a FitBit to count your steps and keep you motivated!

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