Never Say Never

It’s hard to imagine now, but my younger self was career-driven, determined to “set the world on fire!"  I was one of the first employees of Sanrio, Inc. (Hello Kitty) when it first was being marketed in the USA from Japan in the early 1980s. I entered the fitness industry a few years later and wound up co-creating the Step Aerobics program, which changed the landscape of the entire fitness world.  

I was settled in my life and my career, determined to never get married and surely to never have children. That sort of life was not for this go-getter of a girl! I couldn’t imagine driving a minivan or, even worse, driving it through a fast food drive-thru. I had way too many dreams and aspirations to ever stop and settle down.

Or so I thought.

Contrary to the plan I had mapped out for my life, I met the man of my dreams, and we had two amazing boys. And yes, I drove my minivan drove through fast food drive-thru hundreds of times over the years.

“Never say never.”

My wise brother told this to me as wedding day advice. He may not remember telling me this, but his wisdom certainly proved to be true.

When I had my first son, my life changed completely.  Suddenly, Connie’s life seemed so much less important than my the life of my little guy! I decided to put my career to the side, and I never looked back. I loved every minute of it, fast food and all.

I had changed from the fiery young woman who had said she’d never get married or have children. I put my fortune in my boys, not my bank account. They are grown now, but if you knew them, you would know it paid off. I’m confident my boys will “set the world on fire.”

Never say never… life rarely sticks to the plans you’ve created for it. But, in the end, it may end up even better than anything you could have planned.