When Life Doesn't Go According to Plan

I didn't plan for this.

Life has been chaotic these past few months. In the middle of leading everyone in the benefits of Assisted Stretching at The Power to Pause Studio, my family and I have endured griefs from the illnesses and passing away of loved ones. It has me thinking of a trip I took a couple of months ago, and the lesson it taught me about life.

I joined my son, Collin, on a roadtrip he was taking across the country. My plan was to only ride with him for the first leg—from Nashville to Oklahoma City. But as life tends to go, the plans changed. He had booked a backpacking trip in one of New Mexico's National Parks, but his plans were derailed with the recent wildfires. The parks were closed; there would be no backpacking trip for him. So we shifted gears and improvised, and I ended up riding with him all the way to New Mexico. 

TPTP Airstream Photo.JPG

One of the nights we spent in this Airstream. After the sun went down, Collin and I went out on the Airstream’s deck, laid on our backs, and looked up at the stars—thousands of lights twinkling across this dark, wide desert sky. 

This may not have been in my plans, but after a difficult winter and spring of taking care of sick loved ones and enduring injuries among myself and family members while working hard to open The Power to Pause Studio, this pause was just what I needed.

The philosophy behind The Power to Pause is all about finding the power that comes from pausing to give back time to ourselves. I hope we’ll all give ourselves permission to pause, to step back from our go, go, go schedules and look up at the stars with the people we love—whether that’s in the middle of the desert or on our own back deck, whether it's according to plan or not according to plan.

There’s power in pausing, if only we’ll take the time to do it.