2 Kitchen Counter Stretches for Your Calf Muscles & IT Band

One of my students came up to me before class recently to show me her brand new beautiful Bone & Joint Institute water canteen. I gasped in shock!

Surely not, I thought and hoped.

She laughed and said she had attended the Open House Grand Opening and got it there, but she plans on never going back.

If you have attended any of my stretching classes in the past, you have heard me mention this newly constructed, larger-than-a-hospital Bone & Joint Clinic that recently opened in Franklin.

Apparently, it is so big that is actually called an “Institute” and not just a “Clinic.”  When I would mention the institute, I would always tell my students, “We are not going there. They are not getting us!”

I mean it!

We are going to STRETCH instead.

Another student approached me after class last week.

“My husband wants to thank you!” she told me.

I have saved them lots of money on medical bills, she said, because I have helped prevent him from having foot surgery.


Stretching, of course!

A while back, she heard a story I told in class about my friend who had horrible foot issues; I had suggested to my friend to roll her quads every day for a month using her roller tool. She tried it and no longer has foot pain!

Her husband had been to many doctors for his foot issues, but none of them could diagnose the real problem. It was looking like surgery was his only option. She told him this story about my friend and said, “What do you have to lose?”

He started rolling his quads... and guess what? He has no more foot pain and is back to running, which he loves!

I could see the joy I her eyes and felt the deep appreciation from her heart. I, in turn, felt something even deeper to my core… these sweet people’s lives were changed in a big way from simple STRETCHING.  

This story is another example of the truly life changing benefits of Assisted Stretching and (wait for it)... We are not going to The Bone & Joint Institute.

We will STRETCH instead!

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TPTP Kitchen Counter IT Band Stretch.jpg

Kitchen Counter IT Band Stretch

Facing directly to your counter, prop your left leg up onto it, in the same position you would if you were sitting “Indian Style.”

Lean forward toward that leg, going no further than you are comfortable.

Hold this for 10 - 15 seconds, letting that IT Band stretch out!

Repeat this same stretch with your other leg.

TPTP Kitchen Counter Press Calf Stretch.jpg

Counter Press Calf Stretch

Start with your feet together, arm’s length away from the counter.

Put your hands on the counter, step your right foot back, and use your hands to press against the counter, stretching out that left calf muscle.

Hold for 10 - 15 seconds.

Repeat this calf stretch with the other leg.

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