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Book a 45-minute Assisted Stretching session for your office!

Employees will:

  • Be led through a gentle, stress-releasing stretch routine

  • Feel energized to power through the rest of the day

  • Learn effective stretches that they can do from their desk at any time of the day

Assisted Stretching sessions are perfect for lunch break or end-of-day classes.

PRICE: $150 for 45-minute class

I also offer customized corporate fitness packages, including individualized stretch coaching to employees. Please reach out below to discuss how we can work together to bring the amazing benefits of Assisted Stretching to your workplace!


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Why should your company care about employee wellness?


Employee Engagement.

According to a report sponsored by Humana, “Companies that build a wellness culture thus acquire a workforce that is not only more focused and engaged, but that sees that culture as benefiting their careers.” When an employee feels like their company cares about them, they are more likely to offer optimal effort in their work.

Productivity Boost.

A study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that employees who participated in corporate wellness plans and actively engaged in healthy lifestyle practices showed a boost in productivity at work. A stressed and sick employee is not an employee who is offering their best work!

Cost Reduction.

Based on a report from the Integrated Benefits Institute, “illness-related productivity loss” cost U.S. companies $530 billion per year. Investing in the wellness of your employees not only boosts their engagement, but also leads to a cost reduction for your company.

Investing in employee wellness benefits both your employees’ happiness and your bottom line.

Book your 45-minute Assisted Stretching corporate class by filling out the form above.