assisted stretching focuses on stretching without straining by using tools to help elongate muscles.

assisted stretching focuses on stretching without straining by using tools to help elongate muscles.

What is Assisted Stretching?

Assisted Stretching focuses on stretching WITHOUT straining by using tools to help elongate muscles, like rings, rollers, balls, barres, bolsters, straps, and more.

Benefits of regular Assisted Stretching include:

  • Increased blood flow & circulation throughout your body

  • Decreased risk of injury during exercise

  • Greater range of motion & less restriction on movement

  • Better posture & sleep

Whether you are active or ready to get moving more, you will benefit—it's all about stretching, elongating, and relaxing overly-contracted muscles.

I want to teach you simple stretches you can do from home with my free 8-week video series!

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Ready to Stretch At Home?


I’m bringing Assisted Stretching straight to YOU with my FREE Stretch At Home 8-week video series!

Stretching should be a part of your everyday routine! But I get it… Maybe you think you just don’t have any time to add an extra step to your fitness routine. With my Stretch At Home video series, I show you how you can incorporate short, simple, and relaxing stretches into your daily routine!

I’m confident that once you start feeling the benefits of daily Assisted Stretching, your stretching routine will become a highlight of your day!


With my free Stretch At Home Video Series, you will…


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Learn to stretch from anywhere—whether at a gym, at home, or while traveling. Don’t have stretching tools at home? I show you alternatives using everyday objects!


Create your own daily stretch routine using these simple and relaxing stretches.

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How Stretch At Home is changing lives…

“About 3 years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with arthritis in my right hip due to scoliosis. He recommended pilates and yoga. Though I have had success with his recommendations, Assisted Stretching has been the added bonus I needed to my current exercise routine. Now with The Power to Pause’s online Stretch At Home series, I can stretch every day and when I’m away on vacation. I feel amazing thanks to Assisted Stretching!” — Sandy G.


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Meet your instructor…

My name is Connie C. Williams, and I'm a 40-year fitness industry leader and Assisted Stretching advocate.

I co-created step/bench aerobics in the late 1980s, producing videos and traveling the world training instructors, corporate clients, and personal trainers—including Princess Diana’s personal trainer!

I believe the only way I've been able to continue to lead classes is through my daily Assisted Stretching regiment. I can’t wait to share my passion for Assisted Stretching with you through The Power to Pause’s online resources and wellness education!